What are we?

We are the future tribes! Data driven, real life, loyalty communities, which thanks to machine learning and big data can improve customer understanding; connect and engage B2C in creative and playful ways. TRIBED is a newly founded startup company in summer 2019 with the optimistic goal to simplify industries through shared information and loyalty programs. Our business practices highlight fairness, safety and awareness to build a more sound environment for generations to come. In the sense of technology, we are and always will be a young company, thus there should be no hesitation in learning and adapting to the needs of others.

Our concept

We are strong believers in an increased future demand among consumers for quality-, complementary- services. As a result, many of today's businesses have developed their own loyalty program, stealing time from their core business and being an annoyance to the end customer due to the many programs. More is required to meet loyal customers future demands and therefore TRIBED is required!
Our concept is building and integrating a community platform for your industry with scoring capabilities to match your loyalty needs. This helps your business by: grouping loyal customers of similar interest; staying ahead of competition with our superior platform and offering your top customers new brand experiences. In addition to encouraging more sales and marketing, this gives your “raving fans” a line of communication with likeminded people to help you serve their future needs better!



We believe the best solutions are built together with the customers. Our technology platforms are adaptable to meet your specific needs, hence creating value for your business.

Raving fans marketing

Our communities are optimized to connect with your top 20% of customers and to discover new “fans” among the remaining 80%. A good loyalty program follows the customer journey and connects different touch points across industries. Make it easy to support your brand!

Data management

By utilizing our marketing skill set and enabling customer-centered value creation, we are building the right data for your business. Meaningful interactions and other customer insights should never go missing!


nightli allows guests to collect points and join up with others when going out! Nightlife is not a guestlist. It is a community!

Please email for an early invite.

Business: Nightlife
Format: Mobile App and Web application
Concept: Time has finally come to digitize all stages of “going out” through gamification. With the help of big data and a playful user experience nightli will be the first mobile app to bring nightlife as we know it today, to a community platform that raises guest loyalty for nightclub owners. Beneficiaries of our solution will not only be the clubs, but also the visitors thanks to our point-based system. Therefore, with the help of smart algorithms our goal is to grow world's nightlife in a fair and humorous way through technology.
Nightlife is not a guestlist. It is a community!

Why request nightli?

In the competitive club environment large sums of money is being spent on obtaining new customers through different social media platforms and promoters. However, a more profitable option is to focus at least the same amount of effort on customer retention and to build a loyal following among top guests. Bet on your winners! nightli helps you convert first time visitors into raving fans. Then, the community app favours those of greatest value to your club and provides new opportunities for both target marketing and customer understanding.

Meet Our Team

Our data can be traced back through almost all parts of the world, but ends up in the same small suburb to Stockholm, Sweden.

Team Member
Co-Founder, The Sales Wildcard

When he is not found on the tennis court, Henrik likes to fantasie away with all of his business ideas. His data network stretches globally as he completed a Business Administration degree at Coker University in 2018. Previous work contains social entrepreneurship in developing countries such as Myanmar where he has fundraised and installed as well as implemented everything from RO systems to cotton compressors. But more recently, Henrik has been excelling with international sales and marketing at one of Fortune 500 most admired companies.

Henrik Hellbe

CEO, Co-Founder
+46 76 184 97 70

Team Member
Co-Founder, The Programming Wizard

Easiest described as a tech enthusiast. It quickly becomes obvious for anyone engaged in a discussion that Eric is a top MSc from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Prior to even graduating, he already carries CEO experience in consulting and has completed multiple freelance projects on the side. In addtion, Eric has additionally larger corporate experience as he has coded for both fintech as well as global industrial companies. Most knowledge is within fullstack development. Frontend: from oldtimes WPF and GWT to todays angular8, react native and xamarine. Previous backends have been built with: django, docker, golang, java or ASP.NET

Eric Lewerentz

CTO, Co-Founder
+46 70 794 68 46

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TRIBED is always open for new ideas and possibilities! Whether you are a customer, investor, future employee or simply like to support our cause. We urge you to contact us and grow with the tribe.

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